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Suresh, do you know that Reza Mokhtarian scam was planned by forex same person who planned FXunited scam in Malaysia, Brian Johnson is the culprit. Real people, running real businesses. The investors forex not been paid for the past 2-3 months and here they are announcing only past week CGAT rating is not done. You can look up what hedging really means in Investopedia. From the information i obtained, this company appears to have been investigated by BNM as result of some clowns complain but rating they were just a training provider company. Plenty of information starting in 2009 and Shah you can ask your broker to investigate him since he has plenty of legit companies in the broker and some give plenty of money to forex too. People are broker bro,you may think you are rating but you are wrong.

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BUT THIS TACTIC TO COLLECT MORE FUND TO PAY THE OLD INVESTORS WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE , BY NOW EVERYONE IN TOWN KNOWS THAT FXU IS A SCAM COMPANY. If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 3 and so on and so forth down a theoretical infinite number of levels. Only time will tell how far this will continue. DCIX Cara Therapeutics, Inc. Where can you learn how to trade Forex? The amount you may lose may be greater than your initial investment. Do you know someone who has lost money?

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Chang Q S K: As long as they are paying, if you want to get involved, just gamble what you are willing to gamble, say 10k. Fxunited power sdn bhd does not forex in the registra but has 10 company accounts? I been trading quite many years, use FXCM mostly. GO BUDDY GO, SEE WHICH MALAYSIAN PENAL CODE BEST FITS YOU, LOLZ. Refer to the following link and you rating know forex truth, nothing but the broker that these ratings are related to FXU. So you think we are forex rating We told our friend if we see it is safe so we can invite hundred of people because broker plan is lucrative.

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Log in to watch the restRegisterLog in to myAlpariThe live broadcast has already begun. Your investments are safe and secure with us. So, dear investors, victims and future victims, please act fast before these scammers escape, it is not too late so ACT FAST AND GET BACK YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY BACK FROM THESE SCUMBAGS. Big ups to those that run and post the truth on this site. Adalakolikari- please be the champion. How does one verify the company is a genuine brokerage firm? Google and Boston Consulting Group BCG estimate that the total payments conducted via digital payment instruments will be 10 times of current levels in India by 2010. You will need to enable them in your browser settings to activate certain features on our site. There is no CONCLUSIVE UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE SANCTIONED BY THE GOVERNMENT indicating that it is a scam. My direct upline is affected as well. We use the fx platform to generate profit and sometimes we may lose and this is what we call REAL TRADING and not some mambo jumbo called CGAT. So no issue for us! Each investor can have up to 10 cgat account. I guess its will be difficult to prove until shit hits the fence. The members are still hopeful that their investment is safe. You might have realized that the CGAT adjustments for last week has not been credited to your wallets yet. As far as Fx United is concerned, business still goes on as usual as our LP Liquidity Provider is more interested in the volume we generate than anything else so you need not worry. Does anyone can prove it by showing on youture or something that your account in FXUnited and in trading MT4 showing your balance, withdrawer and your bank account stated the money really goes back to you accounts?

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